❧ Georgie

a young witch. she wears an extravagant, colorful blouse and dress. bows, buttons, bells, and lace decorate her outfit. her brown hair is tied in an extravagant bun. she wears a beautiful apron, and in her hand she presents fausto's specialty, a beautiful dark chocolatey cake, her favorite of his recipes. her name is georgie.

A Visual List of Georgie's Likes: butter cake, warm milk, ribbons & bows, shortbread & Fausto's specialty cake

A List of Georgie's Dislikes: uncooked roots, plain clothing, chilly overcast not-quite-rainy weather

A list of Georgie's things that she currently has with her. They include a big pocket to be worn around the waist, a leather leaf with letters in it called the "almanac of miscellany," a cute and colorful northern witch kerchief, and a series of witchy objects to fit in her pocket. Her witchy items include a little box of bottles filled with magical perfume, two bags of seeds, flint, a wand of herbs for burning, a little leather satchel filled with moss, and ladybug shells.


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  1. John

    “assortment of smells” <3


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